Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Day with Thomas the Train (part 1)

We finished off Spring Break with an outing that Mom set up for all the grand kids, A Day with Thomas the Train. It was a great way to finish off our break, and a huge bonus was that our cousins came in town to join in the fun. I took so many pics that I'll share the first half today and more tomorrow. But here's how the cold, windy day went.

While waiting on our turn to ride the train, we hit the tent that housed table after table of trains. There were probably 25+ train tables each with different Thomas accessories for the kids to play with. I think my guy could've stayed there forever, he loved it so much.  

Then it was time to go ride the train. Mom bought all the kids their own conductor's hat, which turned out pretty cute even if it did bend all their ears forward. 

I'll stop here for now. The train ride was definitely the hightlight, but there was a lot more that we got to do too. So I'll share those tomorrow.

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