Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break favorites: Day 1

For Spring Break this year, we had a semi-staycation that also included a trip to my grandparents' farm that's about an hour away.  It was COLD most of the week, so I was glad we chose to stick close to home instead of heading to the lake or the beach.  Here's a quick review.

Day 1: We had a play date with a big group from church at a super huge playground that has a 3-story slide, although the kids played on the merry-go-round almost the entire time. Then it was a treat to get Sonic since we don't have one anywhere near our house and we miss the times when we used to get slushies in Chattanooga. So it was a fun treat to eat at Sonic. Then we headed to Bass Pro where I thought we'd JUST go to see the fish. WRONG. We ended up spending almost 2 hours there looking at the animals, live and stuffed, practicing our shooting skills at the shooting range, and then after  checking out the boats and ATVs we got some ice cream. Yes, slushies and ice cream all in one day. I didn't realize it until it was too late. But those ice cream pics are some of my favorite from the week.  The last event on Day 1 was a softball game out in Trussville. I don't have pics of it because I was coaching.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that SK has a big band-aid over her eye because she fell on the playground at school 30 min. before school let out for Spring Break resulting in 6 stitches and a good story to tell.

Be back with Day 2 tomorrow!

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