Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break: Days 2 and 3

After the ballgame Monday night, we went to the farm to visit my grandmother.  It just so happened that it was also her 85th birthday! We spent the day painting, one of her favorite things to do, since it was super cold and windy. The kids also loved banging out "songs" on the piano, the tambourine, and using one of the old hymnals laying around. The next day we were able to get outside a bit more, and I enjoyed the chance to capture a few shots around the farm. The kids walked to the mailbox with Maw Maw (a benchmark in growing up since the mailbox is a ways away), and enjoyed picking her a bouquet of daffodils.  It was a really good visit, and I'm glad we were able to go.

I included a pic of C eating straight out of the bowl because we found out that she has a huge appetite for homemade cheese grits to the point where she ate what was on her plate and went straight for the bowl! lol! It was cute. Both mornings Maw Maw made us a traditional "farm" breakfast that we've all come to love. There's nothing like waking up on the farm to the smell the bacon, biscuits and gravy!

And so goes days 2 and 3 of Spring Break.

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