Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lake Adventures

It's no secret that one of my all-time favorite places to BE is at the lake. I grew up spending my summers there, a towel clothes-pinned at my neck pretending to be a super hero. When the cousins were there we'd most likely be found waist-deep in the mud, searching for arrowheads of which we found many, or playing Love Boat on the dry docked boat parked in the garage.The lake is also the place where I most vividly remember my great grandparents, their little camper parked next to my aunt and uncle's house, and sitting with them on the porch swing.

As much as the lake holds a special place in my heart, it will also hold that lure and nostalgia for my kids. It's quickly becoming their favorite summer hangout as well. Here's a sneak peek of how we spent the weekend, again with my cousins--only we've become the parents now. ;)

Mac called these his "fireworks".
 The girls had a jumping contest. Of course I was the judge and got to name the next jump, which usually involved some sort of twist so I could capture their jumping faces. "Cannon Ball!" "Twist!"" and now "Cannon Ball Twist!" The one I really wanted was of them holding hands and jumping. But I missed the shot. Several times.  But I'm not giving up.
Yes, I got wet after those shots. I had to QUICKLY hide my camera behind my back.

That $1 Store squirt gun may have been the best buy of the summer, especially for a little boy who refused to get in the water for 2/3 of the weekend. That boat and the water gun were his best friends!


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