Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nature stays in nature (and not in my house)!

For as long as I can remember the girls have been fascinated with nature. Early on we adopted the phrase, "Nature stays in nature" because I would often find rocks, blades of grass, butterfly wings, etc. in the house. So we had to put a rule in to place--NONE of that in our home. God gave them a home. So nature stays in nature.

So far the girls have done pretty well at following that rule. But that doesn't stop them from enjoying nature and searching for creatures. In fact, now, because of that rule, there are many a Mason jar covered with aluminum sitting on our back patio. Last night they went in search again, this time for roly poly-ies (however you spell that). I followed with the camera.

Apparently the neighbor's garden is the best place to find a roly poly.

Guarding her rock, I mean "diamond", collection. 
And then she caught a lightning bug.

So that's how I spent MY night. 
Confession: Hi. My name is Deanna. I stalk my children. I'm a Mama paparazzi. 
At least we're knocking out our summer bucket list.  
Hooray for summer! Thankful.

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