Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Annual Pilgrimmage to Oxford, MS

I can't tell you enough how excited I am that we're going to Oxford this weekend! It's the most anticipated Fall weekend for me. I can already hear the Pride of the South bellowing through the Grove, feel the breeze and the warm sunshine on my face, I can smell all the delicious yummies sitting out on their elaborate spreads, and yes, I even smell the bourbon and coke. I can't wait! And I hope to do it all! Hopefully, depending on what time we can get away, we'll have supper on the Square Friday night, wake up early to wish the Rebels good luck as they parade through the Walk of Champions, yell my sweet little heart out at a fiercely fought ballgame that is triumphant of course, and then spend time roaming the Grove, catching up with old friends, and reminiscing about old times. Yes, I can't wait to be in Oxford on Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

It all sounds great except for that trumphant part.
Bob Bob