Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pictures from Oxford

Here are some pictures from our trip to Oxford, MS. It's so beautiful there, I just can't explain it. A few of the pictures are from the Square--the courthouse, which sits majestically in the center of town and Square Books with its balcony, which sits on the corner--one of my favorite places to study when I was a student.
We actually took the double decker bus (like the ones in London) from the Square to the Grove, and it was neat to see Oxford and the campus from a bird-eye view. We drove up Sorority Row, and were dropped off at the Grove--a great way to avoid walking forever, and not paying for parking. (It's free on the Square.)Here are a few I took from the bus. On game day the Grove becomes a small city of tents canopied by the massive oak trees that the Grove is known for. And my trip wouldn't have been complete without seeing/hearing the band too. We caught it just as it was marching down Univ. Ave. on its way to the stadium. Even though we lost the ballgame, it's always a treat to be able to go to Oxford. So many memories, so little time.

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Sarah said...

You forgot the BEST part....your fantastic travelling companions!