Wednesday, October 17, 2007

crayons, scissors, and glue

= no fun for 3 yr. olds or their teacher! Whew! I just had my first experience in helping the 3 yr. old class at church with their evening craft project. Let's just say that we got it done! The directions were to color, cut out, then glue the symbols to the matching seasons on the corresponding page. Well, the coloring went fine. All 3s know how to color. But cutting--uh uh, no go. Then the gluing, even a worse idea, not to mention that the 3 yr. olds can't read. So, I have to assist each one of the 15 kiddos with the gluing and reading. (There may have only been more like eleven of them, but it seemed like much, much more.) Anyway, I'm supposed to take over the craft curriculum soon---note to self: No cutting, or gluing for the younger ones!

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