Monday, July 14, 2008

Lake Pictures Round 1--4th of July

As it turns out I only got 4 shots on the 4th, and that's all. Kathy bought the girls these precious headbands, and the girls were so cute in them! Sarah Kate wasn't that thrilled by it, so I had to snap quickly. Caroline kept hers on until she broke one of the stars off. But it was fun while it lasted!

Caroline really like hers, and yeah those are mosquito bites on her shoulder. The first couple of about 50 (atleast). Now she looks like she's got chicken pox because of all the bites she got.

My sweet grandmothers holding the girls on the dock. Both girls were running fevers thanks to cutting teeth, and their great grandmothers used it as an excuse to hold their girls. Like they need one! But I was excited to get both great granddaughters in a picture together with their great grandmothers! What a priviledge and a blessing!


Jennifer said...

cute pics! Love the headband!

Table for 3 said...

Sweet! Love the headbands!

Melanie said...

The photos of the girls with their grandmothers is gorgoeus. What a wonderful photo to capture.