Monday, February 9, 2009

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

That's what I'm naming this sickness that my girls have come down with! They're perfectly normal toddlers all day--full of curiosity, watching videos, playing outside, running around tagging each other with "TAG--you're it!" squeals...and then it's night. UGH! Both of them for the last 3 nights have been up and sick, which left me doing laundry at 1am last night because we were out of sheets and sheetsavers. Thank goodness for the armloads of pajamas we scored over Christmas! But this crazy virus is driving me crazy!! Just when I think I'm going to get a good night's sleep, I hear one of them and go scurrying across the house to do what I can. I guess it's the life of a mom. Sorry, I don't mean to complain, I'm just a little weary. Thankfully we were able to get out this weekend (because during the day they're absolutely FINE, no symptoms--baffling!)

Here's a fun pic I got of SK at the park on Saturday:

And I thought Caroline had no fear! This stinker is worse! She'll just fling herself down any ol' slide no matter how high or how bumpy! And yes, she got airborne on that particular trip down the slide. Good thing I was wearing the strap around my neck. I dropped it immediately after taking this shot, because I thought she was flying OFF the side of the slide!

And one more playground pic. This one's from Friday--before the Jekyll/Hyde illness began. It was so nice to get outside and play with friends while the mommies got to chat! C'mon Spring, Hurry up!!!!

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Jennifer said...

that picture is so awesome! Hope the girls are feeling better soon!