Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun with the Fam

We were so excited that Mike and Sarah and the kids came up from MS just in time for a long Valentines Day weekend. We were REALLY busy cramming as much in as possible, and boy was it fun! Here are some of my favorite pics from those few days.

At the CDM museum, we spent a lot of time in the stage area.

C found her niche right away.

The picture that Ben will never live down...think HS Graduation roast...

Em was a natural too! (Good thing since she's in a play soon!)

Playing doctor. Must run in the family.

And my little peek-a-boo.

And then on Friday, we met up with Jim, Sharon, and Adin as they were passing through and were able to grab lunch and spend some time down by the river. It's VERY rare that we get all 6 grandkids together, esp. when it's not a holiday. So I tried to get pictures of everyone, but then it's hard to get 6 kiddos to sit (or stand) still when ages range from 11 to 1. Here's a few I was happy to get.

The "big" kids

Nonnie with 2 of her grandgirls.

4 were willing to pose...the other 2 not so much.

Caroine with Gramps. So sweet!

In all it was a fun, but jammed packed weekend that left us all exhausted! Sarah Kate has a new love for her Aunt Sarah, walks around calling for "An Darah". Then she'll switch to "Unc Mike". Caroline keeps talking about the "Gacie" and the new clothes "Gacie" gave her. We're so thankful to have such sweet cousins and we'll miss them dearly!


Kristii said...

Looks like you had a blast!!! What cuties!!! Hope you have a great day!!

Noel said...

Oh man...the hot dog photo has me! You are right, he will never live that down! :)