Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day treats

Okay so there's a little part of me that still thinks I can accomplish all things Martha Stewart, and I've been researching (yeah right, it's called Google Reader) fun stuff to do the the hubby and girls next week for Valentines Day. We've decided it's going to be a fun "family day", so I'm loooking for things,ideas,crafts etc. to make our day a little more special.

So far I've only come up with doing heart-shaped pancakes (the girls favorite), and possibly brownie cupcakes, or red-velvet cupcakes, or something along those lines. But then I ran across this from the Little Birdie Secrets blog:

Don't they look divine?!!!! They're called cake pops, and the how-to is actually from Bakerella. Now I want to try to do THESE!

But then of course there's an easier version, which instinct tells me to go for instead, that are marshmellow pops:

Equally as cute, maybe not quite as yummy due to a chocolate obsession, but definitely much easier.

And lastly, Parents magazine had these cookie pops.

Don't they all look scrumptious! Not sure which ones I'll actually do, and the overachiever in me wants to try all of them. But I'll let you know when they actually get done. Don't hold your breath! LOL! In the meantime, if you have any ideas crafty or otherwise, I'd love to hear them. I want to make this a special day for the fam, so I'm open to just about anything.

Hope you have a great day!


The Hulsey Family said...

I want to find the recipe for the ones in Family Fun, but they all are tempting!

Heather said...

Oh yum! Makes me want some right now! Especially the chocoalte ones. I have been wanting to do something with the kids i might try one of those! Thanks!!

Angela said...

What cool ideas. I think I;m going to try the marshmellow ones.

AbbieTorroll said...

oo those all look YUMMY!!! I hear ya, I would love to know fun ideas for V-day as well. ESPEcIALLY with having little kids, it narrows down our options quite a bit:( Good luck with these if you give them a go!

Mara... said...

Deanna, i'm making red velvet truffles from Bakerella this weekend with my kids! I've made them before and they are pretty easy. Fun for little hands to help dip. The marshmallows looks good too, pretty easy. Share with us if you make any!! Have a great weekend-

Jenni said...

oh, those are all adorable and look so good!!!!!

Virginia said...