Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wow! It's been a while!

So sorry for such the delay between posts! Most of you know that I don't usually do that! And now, I've got a long list of things I want to/ need to post. I'll try to spread it out so this isn't one long mega post, how 'bout that!

First, thank you all for the get well sentiments. The girls are just fine now, and thank goodness that bug only lasted about 48 hrs! We're all back to normal now, and are ready for the weather to heat up so we can use our pent up energies!

Lots going in the scrapping world for me right now. First, it's time for the Color Me Daisy February kit reveal. And this is a great kit!! Basic Grey's "Bittersweet" with LOTS of embellishments! I really loved working with it! Here's what I did:

"Love you Forever

Inspired by the Robert Munsch kid's lit book that makes all mommies cry when they read it. I did this one as a part of a challenge at the Noel Mignon challenge blog, and had so much fun with it!


Lots of cutwork, and a little bit of bling, Sarah Kate at McDonalds! (Yes, that's ketchup still on her mouth!)

"I love being her mommy"

For the LIFE of me, I couldn't get the coloring right on this one! This is white cardstock with the Fancy Pants transparency cut and repositioned over it. Anyway, this is an older picture of me and Caroline taken in Feb. 2008 at my grandparents 60th wedding anniv. party.

Moving on, I've had 2 little things to celebrate this week. The first of which is that my Valentine's mailboxes came out in publication this week!!!!

I had NO IDEA they'd be on the Table of Contents AND THEN get a whole page to themselves! I was pretty floored by that one! (And btw those are the initials of my 2 nieces, Emma and Gracie. I made them mailboxes too and theirs were cuter than my girls'.)

Sweet story that I just gotta share--when I was sick with the stomach bug, I was feeling pretty rotten. I bundled up on the couch and was throwing a little pity party for myself. So Josh went to Walmart to get us some Gatorade, Pedialite, saltines, chicken noodle soup, you know the good stuff when you're sick. Anyway, I hadn't budged from the couch when he came home. From behind me (where I couldn't see him) he dropped the copy of the magazine onto my lap. I was shocked! One, because I didn't think he remembered that I was in it, and two I KNOW I didn't tell him which magazine it was! My dear sweet hubby had stood in the magazine section of Walmart flipping through scrapbooking mags, just to bring my article home to show me and cheer me up! Melted my heart right there!! Isn't he sweet?! I think I'll keep him! ;)

Okay, since this is starting to feel like a mammoth post, I'll keep some of my other good news a secret for a little while longer. But I've got more scrappy news to share, and some funny pics too.

Til then, hope you're having a great day!


The Hulsey Family said...

CONGRATS on being published! Those are adorable mailboxes and what a sweet dh!

Jenni said...

SO glad you guys are feeling excited once again for your pub!!! ANd what a guy you've got!!! Very impressive!!!

**Nancy** said... sweet!!!! Congratulations on the publication!!! Those mailboxes are adorable!! I have one sitting here waiting to be altered!!! I'm gonna have to go find that magazine now!!!

3QTGUYS said...

Oh my! Congrats!!! I saw that article in Scrapbooks ETC and I did NOT know those were yours! How fun!

Maybe you need to come do a book signing at Scrap ETC!

Kristii said...

Whooo hoo!! Congratulations!!! Love your work with the CMD kit!! You rock girl!!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

So happy to see your mailboxes in print. I saw my first layout published in Scrapbook Trends the other day. I am anxiously awaiting getting a copy!

Heather said...

Congrats! I saw that and was like "Hey I know her"! How fun is that. I am so glad you guys are feeling better!

Virginia said...

Beautiful stuff, as usual!!!