Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Color Me Daisy and more!

I've got some long awaited Color Me Daisy layouts for ya! This July kit is sooo much fun, perfect for my monkeys! You may also notice that all these LOs are of SK. Well, as Mom and I were cleaning up, painting and organizing my scrap space, I realized that I hadn't made NEAR as many LOs of SK as I have of Caroline. it's not that I don't take photos of SK, it's just that for some reason they don't get scrapped. SO these are all of her. Some are brand new, others are, well, from 2007 (ahem....the year she was born).

"New found freedom"

Yep, you guessed it. SK right after she learned to crawl. (Bad mommy for not scrapping these sooner!)

"Summertime Splash!"

Shots from the kiddie pool. I'm not so sure I've seen her THIS excited. Ever. The kit comes with 2 sheets of wonderful fabric, and I decided to make my own ruffle and add it along the bottom.

"Age of Discovery"

This light table at the Creative Discovery Museum is like a magnet to/for SK. She could stand at that table for hours. Unfortunately for her, her sister is obsessed with the dress-up stage in the back so we have to divide our time evenly.

But apparently SK's not opposed to dress-up either. Here's how she chose to go out of the house today. What a riot!

This lovely ensemble consisted of Dora (Christmas) pajama pants, the top half of a puppy dog Halloween costume, and her Baby Banz sunglasses. Nice huh? Her sister's only a tad bit better.

Cinderelly pajama top and Sleepy Beauty princess dress. Lovely. But then she decided to come inside. Apparently she'd rather watch paint dry. Literally.

(Sigh.) Just another day in the office for me!


Jennifer said...

Cute layouts! Love the bright colors on them! Those pics cracked me up!

Dadoo's Wife said...

SK with the red background is my FAVORITE ONE EVER that you have done.

Mara... said...

Wonderful layout, Deanna!! I love how you used that really loud, bright, sunbeam paper by trimming it. Love it!!