Friday, July 10, 2009

Well hello there!

Good grief I feel like I've been away for forever!! Seriously! At midnight last night (or this morning) it was so nice to walk in to a freshly cleaned house that was actually meticulously cleaned 10 days ago by my wonderful mom. Yep. That's right. The girls and I were gone for almost 10 days....some to the lake, then the trip to Jackson to visit my brand new nephews. And I've got TONS of photos to show for it. (sigh) It'll be a lot of photo-editing that I just don't have much time for. I also feel so behind. We have no food, and no clean clothes, but the house is clean! Yippeee! And it's BEEN clean, and STAYED clean. It's the little things that count, right? AND on top of that, I have a wonderful new scraproom that Mom also helped me put together! It's sooooo nice! Not finished, but nice.

I guess I'll start with those photos since they're easy to access, and chronologically they DID happen first.

A few little facts first.
1. My scraproom isn't really a "room" at all, more like a nook.
2. My Dad tore down a wall, and we converted a NEVER used bathroom in my laundry room (who puts a bathroom in a laundry room?!) into my little space.
3. So far we've only painted and gotten organized. There's still LOTS I want to do to it, but this'll do for now.

Things to note:
--that shower curtain actually hides our hot water heater. Had to get creative with that one.
--my albums will NOT stay there. But they're there for now.
--Future plans include shabby-ing up a brass chandelier that was original to the house, only it'll be spray painted white and shabby-ed.
--I see some fabric purchases in my near future, but I can't decide between
Sandi Henderson's cherries from her Farmers Market line:

or the Heather Bailey floral from her Pop Garden line.

I can't decide because the cherries seem a little too matchy-matchy and they're pretty trendy, but then the floral seems so formal...
Other plans running through my head include a claw-and-ball high backed chair covered in the fabric I pick out, and then an inspiration/bulletin board also decked out in some fabric. But like I said, we've only just begun. But it makes me soooo happy just to walk in there! And how many people can say that about their laundry rooms?! hehe!

k, enough for now. When I come up for air I'll have more photos ready. ;) Have a wonderful day!!!


Jason and Gretchen said...

Love the space! How fun!

Lisa T. Howard said...

LOVE your space. You are going to have the best time finishing it and then spending time there! :) I know you didn't ask for opinions, but I will offer mine. Just promise to disregard if you find me too forward. LOL! But what if you combined a gingham print with the floral. It would certainly take the "formal" feeling down a notch and I so love Heather Bailey. Either way you go, you can't go wrong.