Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 yrs. ago today... baby girl was born! Caroline has brought so much joy, energy, and girliness to our lives, not to mention a fridge full of artwork! She's kept us on our toes with her curious and adventurous spirit, she's always up for trying something new, and she STILL has no fear (which worries me a lot)! But life would be too quite without her giggling, too dull without her nagging us to play hide-and-seek all the time, and too calm without her begging us to chase her around the house. She also keeps us chuckling with her almost-always-made-up knock knock jokes! She definitely adds the spice to our lives, and we love her for it!

And to celebrate, we had a Princess Tea Party birthday party for her yesterday. It was our first step into the birthday party world, so we kept it REALLY simple (as I still don't have a ton of energy) with only 2 little friends, but we all had a really good time! (Now ALL the girls want a tea party for their birthday party!)

A while back my good friend Virginia showed me this post about a princess party emphasizing what it is to be a REAL princess, God's little princess, and I loved it. In fact, it was the basis of our tea party yesterday!

So we dressed up:

painted toesies and fingers too:

made wands and necklaces:

and had a fabulous tea party!

Part of our tea party was talking about what it is and means to be a REAL princess. We talked about God being our Heavenly Father, how He is Lord and King of All, which as His daughters makes us His princesses. We read parts of Prov. 31 about being dressed in fine linens and being worth more than rubies. They liked that part. And of course we feasted on fun finger foods and birthday cake. It was a really great day!

To top it all off I got to scrap it right away! (Nothing like a deadline looming to get me moving! hehe!) Nikki Sivil's U R My Favorite line
and crown chipboard album couldn't have been more perfect for the occasion! I actually used the 6x6 paddie so that I could save my 12x12 papers for the Valentines Day goodies I've got planned! ;)

Here's a sneak peek at my mini. You can see the inside pages over on my post today on Nikki's blog.

Princess Tea Party

For the front cover, I did a little paper piecing action. First I trace the crown onto computer paper, and free handed the shapes I wanted to fill it. Then I cut those shapes so that they'd be patterns for the paddie paper. And voila! A paper-pieced crown out of patterned paper!

Well, that's about it for today. Off to eat birthday cake! :D Hope you've had a good weekend!