Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sightseeing dolphins!

As a part of their Christmas the girls got tickets for a dolphin sight-seeing tour. So on day #2 we set sail to see some dolphins even though it was extremely cold (especially on the water)!

ready and waiting

so so very cold. thankfully this pullover fit over her life jacket.

searching...She LOVED those "BEE-noculars".

finally, some are spotted. but they didn't hang around for long. :(

So we had snack time instead. And kept on waiting...

Then finally, FINALLY they appeared! hooray!

And this little one missed most of it since she fell asleep. :(

The rest of our week at the beach she kept asking to go on another boat ride.
Poor thing. I think she did end up catching a few glimpses at the end though.