Saturday, July 9, 2011

Better late than never, right?

Right! Here are this year's 4th of July pictures. There are a lot, as we tried to stay OUT of our house. Our A/C unit had quit so we stayed gone for as much of the day as possible. (It's gone out AGAIN, as of 2:30am last night, so i foresee a new unit in our future. joy.) ANYway, here's how we spent our 4th in pictures.

First, we went to the Creative Discovery Museum.He found himself in the mirror. I've got a whole strand of pics from this that are too cute. He blew kisses to himself, waved to himself, played peek-a-boo with was really funny to watch.

And of course he's starting to walk....sigh....

HER straps wouldn't stay up! grr! but she really like the Bob the Builder section. ;)

And she was happy as a clam playing in The Little Yellow Treehouse's kitchen. She could've stayed there all day if we'd let her. She packed a picnic lunch, put away the dishes, did the laundry...which made me want to ask why she didn't do those things in OUR house. hee! She really loves pretending to be a mommy though. She'll make a great one some day.

Then the CDM had a birthday party out front complete with a 21 "gun" (Diet Coke) salute, birthday cake and ice cream.
And then, because I'd read Gretchen's blog post, we went bowling at Pin Strikes. SUCH a great place to go. Here are a few of THOSE pics, albeit a bit blurry thanks to a broken lens. :(

The expert

The wannabe

Novice #1--she LOVED it,
even tried to do the correct "form".

Novice #2--admitted this was the
best sport ever because she didn't
get sweaty! hehehe! :D
She needed a little "help" bowling her
balls because she picked them out
based on color--pink or purple, and
not how heavy they were. ;)

A just captured Mac as he'd tried
to crawl down the lane again
(taken by Josh)

And so there you have it. Our 4th of July day of events. To try to beat the heat (in our house) the kids and I then left for the lake, where they at least had air conditioning not to mention water to cool off in. And I'm just now getting back in the swing of things.

I've got some layouts to post so hang in there all you scrappy readers. They're coming.

Oh, and SOMEbody turns one this week! I can't believe it's here already!

Well, that's the news from around here. Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. ;)

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