Sunday, July 3, 2011

Worth staying home

We're ALWAYS at the lake for the 4th of July weekend. Always. The only times I haven't been there are the summers when I was a counselor at Kanakuk or the time I did summer missions in Colorado. Other than those 3 times, I've ALWAYS been at the lake. But not this year.

There's actually several reasons for that, but the best one is this. One we wouldn't have missed for the world.

(Can you tell who lives in Florida and who doesn't? heee!)

Couldn't get one of everyone being still. This one will have to work.

Overheard: "I love you, Sarah Kate." "I love you too, Reagan"

We got 3 short sweet hours of reuniting, catching up with the Joneses. And there were lots of giggles and squeals and running around. It actually may be my favorite "story" of the summer. So for keeps sake, here goes.

We'd kept the Jones' visit a secret from the girls just in case something went wrong and they couldn't stop by to say hi. Initially they were going to be driving through and thought they'd stop for about an hour. Plans changed at the last minute, much to our delight, and they ended up spending the night Friday (at 2am). My girls were in their sleeping bags on the floor not knowing WHY they were sleeping there. And once they got in, Kelsi and Reagan slept in the girls' beds.

Caroline woke up early (per usual) and sleepily walked out into our living room where Linda happen to be standing. Unsure of what she was seeing she said, "...Mrs........Linda???? " Linda smiled and whispered, "Kelsi's in your bed" at which Caroline turned around and ran back to her bedroom. A split second later there were many, MANY high pitched squeals. It's actually how I was woken up. When I made it to the girls' room, everyone was hugging, jumping on the beds, and starting a pillow fight! It couldn't have made my heart happier!! :D :D :D It was like Christmas morning but in July. Very worth not being at the lake. We can make it there some other time. ;)


Jason and Gretchen said...

So sweet! Reagan looks just like her mother in that one picture!

Crystal said...

what a sweet story! so excited to be on the PI Creative Team with you girl! big hugs!