Friday, May 29, 2009

Day of pretend and Our Prince

Today has really been a good day. The girls have done the best job playing together, and they come up with the greatest "stories" to pretend. Today they made a "pool" in the form of a ring of couch cushions, put on their swimsuits, and playing for almost 2 hours. They collected "monies" which were really Daddy's never-been-used poker chips, and they took their babies "swimming". It was all too too cute to listen to! They're both such a blessing and it brings me a LOT of joy to see/hear them playing togther. Oh, and they served me breakfast in bed. Check it out:

We also had a tea party after my b'fast in bed. ;)


I also want to share a little bit about "Our Prince". Inspiration for this LO came from a canvas that hangs in my nieces' bedroom. The cute little quote says, "My prince has already come, and his name is Daddy." I've loved that quote for years now, and I love the innuendo behind it. I want my girls falling head-over-heels in love with their Daddy (and no one else!!! hehehe!). There's such a special bond between daddies and daughters, and I want that for my crew too. And to do my best to capture the moments that ARE special between them. And what better way to foster those moments than to make a LO about one, right? (well, not really but I had to segway somehow.)

When I saw the frog prince on these Webster's pages I knew I wanted to do a LO about Josh and the girls, our princesses with their prince. I just happened to find this photo of them on Valentines Day each giving Josh a kiss on the cheek, and thought it was perfect.

"Our Prince"

Supplies from the Urban Anthology May kit (sold out).

Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend! Enjoy spending time with the prince and/or princesses in your family too! (k, that's cheesy, but I just had to say it! :D ) Have a great weekend!


ellen s. said...

that is an awesome layout! i looove the bl and white photo and how cute are they??

i have to laugh at the poker chips, owen loves to play with them too

Mara... said...

I looooove your layout, Deanna! So cute! And isn't it great when the kids get fun to listen in on their conversations. I wish I would have recorded some of my kids.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Sarah said...

totally love this one! I want you to make me a frame of exactly that...'cept I want it to be with MY girls instead of yours. And my prince, too. Not that yours aren't nice. Is that doable? If so, I may have just the frame in mind. If I could only remember where I saw it.