Monday, May 18, 2009

House of crazies!

The girls have been doing lots of crazy and/or silly things lately that have made me laugh. hard. So I thought I'd share a few that I've been able to capture on film. (do we say film anymore even though it's all digital now? hmmmm...)

Anyway, among their latest antics is playing "bide and goom":

And then there's been a fascination with taking self-portraits. I tried to take advantage and make them into Mother's Day photos for cards.

Yeah, those didn't really turn out the way I'd planned....neither did the (non-existent) cards. :(

And then Glitter Girl struck AGAIN!

She looks so proud of herself doesn't she?! I'm fairly certain that she went to church the next day with it still in her ear. Thankfully the kind people in the nursery didn't mention it.

And well, that sums up a little bit of the craziness that's gone on around here in the last few weeks. Thanks to the rain, lingering tidbits of Easter candy, and more rain, they've kept me on my toes...and my house a wreck!


Gina said...

LOL!!! Nice ones. I LOVE the glitter.

Michelle Lanning said...

Oh I like those picture Deanna!

Dria said...

LOL! Thanks these pics made me laugh too!

Noel said...

Teehee!! Kids are so fun! :)