Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow its been a while...

Who knew that May would be such a busy month for a SAHM with toddlers?! I mean, I don't even have school activities to blame! Well, I guess that's not entirely true. We did have volleyball try-outs last week so I was at the gym 2 days last week. I should've been there more, the day of the ACTUAL try-out, but we were on the road instead. We drove to the lake to drop off the girls, then to Mississippi to attend Josh's grandfather's funeral. Then it was back to the lake to pick up the girls and have a Mother's Day celebration with Mom, Meg, and Grandmother, then home. These last 4-5 days have been quite a blur. Not to mention that I attended another funeral yesterday of one of my former students. I taught him, and coached his sister, who was one of my team captain's last season. I'm trying to play catch-up at the same time that I'm really drained emotionally. It's been a couple of hard hard days and late nights too. But that'd be my own fault. Anyway, that's why the blog has been neglected. Not that I needed to give an excuse, but still.

I guess I can share a few photos with you. I've taken a lot, but none are scrapped. That's been on the backburner too.

First up, a horribly embarrassing photo of me

The girls and Josh surprised me with b'fast (consisting of a cookie and a brownie) in bed. I'd literally just woken up and sat up in bed. And Josh had the camera in my face instantly. Guess that's payback, huh?

Meg, Mom, and me

We've started the official countdown to when Meg and Mark's twins arrive, though I've cropped out her preggo belly! I figured she'd appreciate that! ;)

Our crew

We don't have a single photo where Caroline's not trying to get out of it. In this case, it kinda looks like she's smiling though.


Kristii said...

YOu have such a beautiful family!!!! You are blessed my friend!!! Hope you have a great Friday!!

Charlene said...

Hi Deanna!!

Your blof is very nice!! I love the snail LO!! Adorable!! Nice to meet you!!

Gina said...

awww...cute photos! And that sounds like a GREAT breakfast! lol