Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lily Bee and ballet

Those two go together, right? Of course they do! I'd love to share one of my latest favorite layouts, created with Lily Bee's "Lovely" line. And if you'll allow me to share just a wee bit more about ballet, this proud mama has to brag.

First up is this layout using a sheet of Lily Bee's "Lovely" that sweet Virginia gave to me as a "happy" for NSD. Also I used some flowers, metal buttons, and a tag that Katie gave me. (Why did I not realize that it's good etiquette to bring happy's to crops?! Next time, girls. Next time.) So anyway, I used my NSD goodies to make a layout about my sister and our kids.

"Now we're mommies"

This photo made me realize how "old" my sister and I are. Now we're both mommies. BUT it's strengthened our bond and given us more to talk about (like we needed MORE). It's been a fun experience to share with her.

And then, if you'll allow me to brag just a weee bit more about my little ballerina, she did SUCH a great job in her recital. Mom tells a story that when I was 4 I just stood on the stage and waved. Nothing else. But Caroline followed all her teacher's moves, made sure she stood in the correct spot, and really did an outstanding job! SHE loved that she got flowers afterwards! (And has been pretending she's a bride ever since. Ha!)

Okay I'm done gushing now. Thanks for listening!

Oh, and can you believe that I've blogged 3 times in the last 3 days! Yay me! Think I can go 5 for 5? We'll see.

Happy "hump" day! And Happy Cinco de Mayo! :D


Jana Eubank said...

What a beautiful ballerina (and a beautiful mommie, too!). How sweet of you to get her a bouquet of flowers! She will forever remember that!

the Nest Keeper said...

oh my..... she is gorgeous! and i LOVE THE PHOTO of you two, together! Hardly ever happens, you know? KEEP YOUR HAIR LONG!* Makes ya look sophisticated (too bad i know better hehehehe)