Monday, March 26, 2012

Being reminded

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Family. Usually it's our first answer when we're asked what we're thankful for and almost all the time we mean it. But then we kinda take them for granted too. I know I do. This week I've been reminded, yet again, not to though. That they could be gone in an instant.

I've had the misfortune of having two sweet friends be reminded of this very lesson. One lost her father rather suddenly, and I weep after reading her blog posts. My heart literally hurts for her. I'm reminded to appreciate my own Daddy so much more, knowing that I can still call him or hug him or strategize over whether or not to make Caroline a lefty or righty in softball. It's our "thing".

Another is a friend from church took her husband to the ER Thursday night for one thing, and he is now battling for his life. He's suffering from major complications from surgery which were unseen and are VERY scary. He's my age. They're kids are our kids ages. I teach one of their sons in Sunday School. They always sit in the pew behind us, all of us talking until the service starts. I found myself looking at Josh this weekend thinking, "What would *I* do?" And again, it's too close to home.

So with some extra time on my hands and a heavy heart for my friends I created this page. I'd been hanging on to this picture for just the right paper. But it turns out I just needed to scrap my family this weekend, my thoughts. Lucky for me that perfect paper just so happened to come in the mail at the same time. Funny how that happens sometimes.

It was nice to put my thoughts down on paper. Not that my words are deep or profound. Just a simple declaration of my love for them, if they should ever need to be reminded of it.


Leah Killian said...

I hear you. I just found out an acquaintance from high school passed away this weekend- she was fine, got pneumonia, and now she's gone. She has three kids. Life is more fragile than we realize most days.

danni reid. said...

oh deanna, i am so, so sorry about both your friends. life is short and oh so fragile, every day blessings indeed. beautiful post and your layout is gorgeous!

Alex said...

You really moved me with this post. I don't know your friends, but yet my heart hurts for them :-( Life IS fragile.

I love this layout! You have such a beautiful family! The photo is beautiful and so is your journaling and your design. Everything is simply perfect.

pinkalishious said...

I {heart} this xx

Virginia said...

You're making ME cry, my friend. I love you. And GORGEOUS page. I'll be praying for your friend's husband and all they are going through. XOXO

Kathy Martin said...

Gorgeous page! LOVE! :)