Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Color Inspired

For this week's Bella Blvd. assignment I was given this awesome color inspiration and asked to create a couple of cards with it. Oh it sooo reminds me of summer, it's just so citrus-y. Is that even a word? oh well. I like it.

"Thanks" card

With the weather starting to feel like Spring and this bright color combo as inspiration, I thought I'd make a card featuring some fun spiral flowers. These are super simple to make. In fact, I'd forgotten exactly how to roll them, so I just googled "spiral paper flowers", and found a YouTube tutorial to refresh my memory. If you DO make these flowers though, remember that they probably won't fit in a normal envelope. That's why I made it a "Thanks" card. I'll hand-deliver it or simply slide it into a little present.

"Wishing you Sunshine and Happiness"
This card's style is a little on the modern/graphic side with more white space than what I normally create. But you know what? It's fun to mix up styles a bit and try something a little different. I hand-cut the sun from the Cute Cuts paper, then hid it behind the sentiment. I also added a little detail at the bottom with the green buttons. Buttons are such a great way to add visual interest to card, and they're not too bulky either! I absolutely LOVE the new buttons that come in the Button Market!

Be sure to check out the other designers color inspired projects on today's Bella Blvd. post. They really do make me long for the warmer weather months and activities!

Happy Tuesday!


Alex said...

I agree - mixing up styles is sooo fun! And you know what? You are rocking both of them! I love your cards! Love your handmade roses on the first one. And what a great idea to hide the sun behind the sentiment like that! Love, love, love it!

Marinette said...

rhoooo soooo gorgeous and colorful cards!! I want to scrap with you my friend!!! Love your handmade flowers, simply wonderful!

pinkalishious said...

I love mixing it up!!
I love those flowers!

Sherri said...

Such cute summer cards D. I could almost smell the citrus from the inspo photo :)

Danielle said...

Gorgeous projects, you're rocking the new Bella stuff! Can't wait to get it myself.

scrappin_in_AK said...

LOVE your cards and that color combo is fantastic

Lilith Eeckels said...

Mix again because it's gorgeous. Your cards make me so happy!!!

kitty said...

BEAUTIFUL! i LOVE your blog! those colors are great, just like spring!