Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday Girl

What a fun day my birthday girl had! She started it off with what's becoming a tradition of a birthday doughnut. Then she had a visit from Nonnie and Gramps, lunch per request at McDonalds (why is it that for their "special" lunch they choose McD's?), the aquarium downtown, and the park for an impromptu game of baseball. Then it was dinner at the fabulous Niko's Southside Grill--which Chattanooga friends, I HIGHLY recommend. Dad is now quoted as saying it's his favorite restaurant in the city. So to say it was a fun, jam-packed day is an understatement!

And while we had fun, my birthday girl is not known to be really cooperative when it comes to having her picture taken. And when she finally gives permission, she's not really up for taking direction. Oh and she's the Queen of the Fake Smile too. But here are a few of my favorites anyway.

That was birthday Day 1. Tomorrow is birthday Day 2. We're celebrating with a Rainbow party, and we're all pretty excited about it!



Shellye said...

What a doll! Really great pictures. Glad she had such a happy birthday :) And wait until they want to go to a steakhouse for their birthday dinner's comin'!

Sherri said...

I trust it was a very Happy Birthday to your sweet princess! She sure can rock the cowboy boots :)