Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthday partying it up!

This weekend was party #2 for Sarah Kate. We went to the lake so that we could be with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great grandparents. And we all had a blast!

Sarah Kate chose to have a Rainbow Party, and I must say, this was the EASIEST, most fun party we've had yet! Pinterest helped of course, but the party was a big success. Here's some of the decor and party pics.
the table:

The rainbow fruit tray with marshmellow "clouds":
The biggest hit, the rainbow cake:
and the party favors:

The one thing I didn't get a picture of was the "Magic Color-changing drinks", another idea I got on Pinterest. Basically what you do is put a drop of food coloring on the bottom of a clear plastic cup and then fill the cup with ice (so the drop is hidden). Pour a clear drink, we did Sprite, with the cups in front of the kids. They're amazed that the Sprite changes color in their cup! It was a big hit. It even fooled a few of the adults too! Oh, and each of our cups had a different color at the bottom--to make a rainbow of course!

We also had a rainbow pinata, again idea courtesy of Stephanie Howell. It was really nice to get all the kids outside after the cake and ice cream sugar high had hit. (Did I mention there were 7 kids all under the age of 6 at the party in a house built for two? yeah. going outside was a must. ) Everyone gave it a try except for McClain, who couldn't have cared less, and even though at one point they ganged up on it, I ended up having to break the pinata.

Side note: True personalities tend to show when you bring out a pinata. Although, it wasn't a complete surprise to see who was aggressive and who wasn't. ;)

All of it added up to a very fun, very memorable birthday party. I think it's pretty safe to say she LOVED it!

If you've hung in there and are still reading this photo heavy post, then you're a champ! Thanks for letting me share our fun times with you.

Tomorrow I have some super fun Spring cards from Bella Blvd. to share, so stay tuned.


Alex said...

WOW! What a party! You did a great job!!! I am loving the rainbow cake! I have to try that some time!

joan murray said...

My mother used to do an Easter cake with just 4 colors - 2 boxes of mix, 4 bowls - but doing 8 layers of color is even cooler. And the looks of the faces of the kids - I'll bet they weren't expecting that burst of colors. Fantastic.