Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Long time no post!

How many times have you heard that one before? Volleyball season started last week for me, but with the kids returning to school this week, it's been a lot more hectic lately. I wake my girls up from their naps to beat the carpool line rush, then lead practice. Once it's done I rush home to get supper on the table, the girls bathed and in bed, then I end up crashing on the couch. BUT I've also stayed up too late watching the Olympics! They're just too addicting and they only come around every couple of years, so they're a MUST watch for me! So I can't blame it ALL on volleyball I guess. If I'd go to bed at a decent hour I'm sure I wouldn't be so tired! Gee, you think? Duh.

Anyway, that's really all that we're up to right now. Caroline wants to play "bolleyball wit da big girls." But of course I won't let her. She just gets in the way--literally. She's almost been hit by the ball a coule of times, and Sarah Kate HAS been hit. So there ya go. No more "bolleyball wit da big girls."

On a scrappy note, Simply Obsessed had their birthday crop this weekend! Here's what I got accomplished, and I'm still working on one more!


"Star Spangled Girls"

I was finding that I had a lot of pictures that I've taken over the summer that weren't necessarily LO worthy. So I combine a handful of them in this mini. It's made completely out of envelopes. I'll make tags and journal on them and slip them inside the envelopes that correspond with each picture...I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and completely addicted to making them! I'm sure you'll see more of these from me! :D

Envelope mini-album "This summer we..."

Here are a few of its pages. There's 10 pages in all, so this is just a sampling.

And I also did this one for fun with a lot of Fancy Pants!


Melanie said...

I don't know why you say the photos in the mini book aren't layout worthy, they ae gorgeous.

Beatiful layouts Deanna.
Check out my blog, I have tagged you:

twinsand2boys said...

Love all that you created! I still need to do some of the challenges from the birthday crop.

Kristii said...

Absolutely awesome work!! I love your pictures!!!

Nicole said...

I've ben trying to stay up and catch the olympics too! Love that Sparkle LO!

Karen L said...

I'm a new visitor and just want to say what gorgeous work you do. Love your layouts and your cards.

Virginia said...

Gawgeous gawgeous gawgeous (that's my southern way of saying gorgeous, in case you couldn't figure it out). I love them all!

Must have directions for the envelope album- I am in love!

Charleen said...

very cute work!

Beth said...

I absolutely love the birthday LO-it's beautiful! Love your new background too!

TracyP said...

Hmmm..How on Earth did I miss your Fabulous Blog!!! I am so Sorry:(..Going to add you right now, It's going to be such a pleasure working with you!
And I am totally feeling ya on the Olympics! And Volleyball:)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

super cute

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