Friday, August 7, 2009

Color Me Daisy and some 52 too!

Got some layout love for ya! Apparently I haven't shared enough for some people (ahem) and so I've got lots to share now. It's been a busy week, so I'm just now getting around to sharing my projects that I did for Color Me Daisy this month. This kit is called "Celebrate Summer" and it's perfect for just that! I love love love these papers, in fact, I can't get enough of them. I tried to convey the "celebrate summer" theme in my LOs too. Here's what I did.


By now, you should know how much I LOVE SK's hair in piggies. This is still one of my favorite shots of the summer. I souped it up a bit using Picnik, a free photo-editing site. If you haven't tried it, it's cool! Go to the "create" tab after you've uploaded a photo for some neat photo effects.


These are some more of my favorite pics from this summer from with cousin David came to stay with us. In the 2 days he was here, he taught the girls how to "pound with explosion", dance to "I like to move it move it!", and he played A LOT of tag. This is the proof. Oh, and ladies, he's single and we're looking for a good catch. Please send your resume (scrapping and otherwise) here. We're taking applications til we find Mrs. Right. (only mostly kidding)

"Summer family"

When you're out of pop-dots, just stack buttons and glue'em together. That's what I did. Heavens knows I've got enough buttons to spare a couple! lol!

With this one I tried Danielle Flanders' fabric covered button technique because this kit comes with 2 awesome (and large) swatches of fabric.

Lastly, this week's 52 Sketches sketch, #31, was REALLY a love-at-first-sight sorta sketch that I KNEW I just had to try.

Here's the sketch:

And my take, "Second birthday"

I'm still trying to scrap more of SK, and this is my FAVE photo of her taken at her birthday breakfast this Spring. Since her b'day was on a Sunday, we went for Sunday brunch and she requested pancakes, so Cracker Barrel it was!

So there you have it. Most everything I've been working on and putting off uploading until now. Now if I can find wherever I put my creativity and then put it to good use this weekend, I'll be golden. If not, it's gonna be a couple of looong nights!

Hope you have a good one! :D


Gretchen said...

yes, people please send in resumes (preferably all you scrapbookers!). this boy needs a wife!
great layouts D!

Karen said...

WOW Deanna..I love those layouts (especially "gotcha")!! How cute is that title and those photos!!

Have a good weekend.


chunot76m said...

OMG...soooooo pretty!

Brandi said...
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Brandi said...

I love all these pages! It's hard to choose a favorite but I "think" if I were to pick "Adore" & "Second Birthday" are my faves!