Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 60th Dad!

Today's his 60th birthday, and according to him, nothing brings him greater joy than spending time with his granddaughters. And they love their "Bob Bob" too. But then who wouldn't love a big ol' teddy bear of a guy who drives you in to "town" early in the morning and lets you buy whatever candy you want and eat it--FOR BREAKFAST!!

He loves his granddaughters, that's for sure. But then I think they've got him a little wrapped around their fingers. Bob Bob just can't say "no".

But now the granddaughters have some competition, his grandsons! Pretty soon the boys will be big enough to give'em a run for their money.

Happy Birthday Dad! From all of us! ;)


Dadoo's Wife said...

That's one proud Grandaddy!!!!! :)))

Michelle Lanning said...

oh Deanna you look like your dad --- looks like he has some major love for his grandkiddos!