Friday, August 21, 2009

Tea for Two, and another one too!

Sorry--cheesy title I know. I struggle with coming up with blog post titles. Anybody else have that problem too?

I've got 2 more LOs to share. These are from the Urban Anthology's August kit, "Tea for Two". I'm LOVIN's these papers! In fact I'm having a hard time cutting in to them for fear I'll mess them up!

This first one's a fun little memory I want to remember for a long while. And I title inspiration from the kit's name.

"Tea for two"

These photos were taken about about 11pm on a Saturday night, waaaaay past 2 little girls bedtimes. But they were playing so nicely and so quietly, that all the adults assumed they were asleep. We were totally shocked to find them still awake (dark circles under their eyes), dressed up with princess dresses on top of their pjs, and having a make-shift tea part (notice the "table" is a baby crib turned upside down.) I snapped pictures quickly before we all freaked out that they were still awake that late on a church night!

"Quality Time"

Josh and me on a "date" in B'ham. We actually just went to watch his cousin play tennis, but still that counts, right? I mean, we had the whole hour of drive time to and from the tournament all to ourselves, so that should count for something. We ended up missing the movie we'd planned to see so that we could hang out with his fun tennis-lovin' family. It was a goood day! ;)

Have I mentioned that I'm in LOVE with this October Afternoon paper??? I think this line, Cherry Hill, may be my favorite. But then I think I say that about every line they come out with. And that apple is one of Keri's custom journaling spots that comes with the kit. Cool, huh?!

Well, that's about all. Gotta go get ready for volleyball practice. Story of my life lately. It literally feels like all I so is eat, sleep (some), scrap, and go to practice. I guess I throw in an occassional "chore" too like going to the grocery or doing some laundry, but still....does life ever slow down?!


Jason and Gretchen said...

These are beautiful - you do great work, I'm sure I don't comment enough about that.

Jason would definitely count any "alone time" as a date. :)

Mara... said...

Beautiful layouts Deanna! I love that October Afternoon paper too and you did a great job with it! And yes...driving in the car with NO kids definitely counts as date night. Hee hee!!