Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting the itch

to re-decorate. It's been a while since I've rearranged or redone these rooms, and since we've been holed up here for weeks now (or at least it seems that way) I'm ready for a change.

My personality is to change it all, to start a project in every room, and then not complete a single one. So I'm thinking I want to change up my bedroom first. Don't know why, but it's the one that seems like I could get done the easiest.

I've been really inspired lately by a couple of bloggers like this one from The Lettered Cottage:

LOVE the horizontal stripes,the faux plank ceiling, and the shelving arrangement.

Or this from Hometown Girl:
mmm...a farm table with non-matching chairs. But I think it's the pitcher with hydrangea that sold me. Is it spring yet?

Or these bedroom shots from Resolved to Worship. (You can't copy/paste her photos anymore.) I LOVE how she mixes tins and metals with the rustic touches. I could SO do a curtain "rod" like that. Maybe I will! ;) And, "hello black and white portraits. I need you."

Sigh...I must be crazy because this would NEVER work at our house. I'd love a white or tone-on-tone vintage/shabby house, but really our house CANNOT be white right now. Just too many little people live here. But can I do just our bedroom?

Am I crazy for thinking that I can keep a bedroom, if it's ours, nice and neat and WHITE (or beige/cream)? I probably am. I mean, I DID just find raspberry sparkle Lip Smackers in the dryer.

I'm just ready to decorate something. Anything. I need a change. Suggestions?


Virginia said...

You and me both, sista.

BUT here's my thought about whites/creams (and don't forget pale grey, because it reads in the same color pallette!): if it's all mostly non-fabric items, then magic eraser covers your worries. And if you have one or two fabric items that are white, then you can just bleach it, right? We have had a cream duvet on our bed in the winter time for years; since before Em was born. It's got a few small splotches on it, but honestly they are not noticeable because it's a waffle texture.

Anyways. I say do it. ;)

Virginia said...

P.S. Do you ever read Secret Garden Cottage? DREAM WORLD. But not for kiddos. Even though she has two girls, I'm not entirely convinced that they are not robots.

Carol said...

I love it all!!!! as much as I love color I am also totally drawn to that tone on tone look. You should totally do your bedroom...keep it cheep and easy and you won't cringe when you find sparkle lip smackers ;)

I can't beleive that girl refinished her furniture in 2 hours with a can of spray paint!!!!

beckyjune said...

Fun stuff!

I wanted to congratulate you on making the Nook DT finalist list and wish you lots of luck. It's so great to have you over there.

Karry Weaver said...

I am in love with your inspiration pieces. MY house could never pull of the white on white though...but it is sure nice to look at! I love you blog and I can't wait to see how your cure your itch!!

Jules the Bling Princess said...

There must be something in the water - we've just decided to repaint all the rooms in our house (I must be crazy!!!). I love the white on white palette. You only live once - go for it! Cheers, Jules.

Shawna said...

Love! It is always fun to dream

Lettered Cottage said...

Hey girl!

Thanks for the sweet shout out! :-)

That bedspread on the bed in our reading room was only $9 at a local flea market, and you better believe there's animal hair all over that sucker on a regular basis. But that's what vacuums-before-company-comes-over are for right? LOL!


wow accounts said...

WoW! love it. .=)