Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In case you need an idea

In case you need an idea for your child's teacher (and since I don't have much more to write abou) I'll share this. It's Teacher Appreciation Week at Caroline's school. One of the "things" they do to let their teacher know how much they're loved is to decorate their classroom door with thank you notes. I was in charge of her teacher's door. And I'm all about a good pun.

I used my scrap supplies to make cardstock fortune cookies and inside each one was a slip of paper from each child saying thank you. To make the cookies I watched THIS video tutorial, and then tweaked it to make larger ones. Also, cardstock is stiffer than fortune cookie paper, so it wasn't quite as easy as the girl in the video made it look. But it wasn't overly hard either. It just took a bit of trial-and-error.

So maybe this will be helpful to someone. The idea would make a cute card or maybe a little take-out box filled with fortune cookies and notes. It WAS nice to use my supplies for something "real". For some weird reason it helped me justify in my mind that all these supplies are worth it.  Because, you know, I always say, "These m might be useful someday."  And today they were. ;)

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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