Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March wrap up

Ack! This week has gotten away from me! We've had lots going on but it's small stuff, like planting the garden (which I did yesterday), and getting ready for Easter and Easter travel (when did it get so expensive?!), school pictures, and getting ready for Teacher Appreciation Week...yada yada. I'm sure everybody's life is just as crazy. So it's the ol' blog that gets ignored in the process.

Since I haven't really kept up with Project Life the way I'd intended, here are a few pics from the end of March.

We finished up swim lessons. Sarah Kate improved the most because she had practically one-on-one training with her teacher. Caroline would do A LOT better if she wouldn't insist (and I mean INSIST)on holding her nose.

We've spent a lot of time in the backyard too. I've been planting seeds, cleaning off the patio, and the kids have been playing on their swing set.
She now refers to her swing as "Spirit" her horse on Horseland. She's also named Caroline's "Aztec" and McClain's is "old blue". She loves pretending and using her imagination more than anything else.

And HE has figured out how to climb up all by himself, which would be fine if he didn't slide wrong and end up toppling over the edge. Boys. Even now he has to do it the adventurous way, which of course is adventurous for him, frightening for me.

We also helped my grandmother celebrate her birthday. Here she is with her great grandchildren, she's so very proud!

Anyway, so that was/is what we've been up to.

Looking forward to a fun, sunshine-filled Spring!

Happy not-at-all-wordless Wednesday!

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Pam said...

you totally inspired me to do this kinda post;) love the pictures, they are so springy:) The one with M on the playground is priceless!!