Sunday, June 29, 2008

A few more fun pics!

We've had a fun, and crazy weekend! Lots got accomplished on the to-do list, Josh and the girls got some great QT in, and we were able to hang out as a family. Love those kind of weekends! I also came away with a few fun pics I wanted to share.

This first ones, I think that everyone has of their kids. And I could NOT pass up taking these pics of Sarah Kate. She's gotten in the very bad habit of running her hands through her "hair", and making a disgustingly cute mess! And she's so happy about it! Needless to say, every night has been a bath night lately.

Josh's parents came up Friday night, and I caught this cute one of them with the girls. LOVED how it turned out!!! It's so hard these days to get a picture with everyone smiling, and this one caught a natural moment, when everyone was laughing. It'll definitely be scrapped and framed! :D

And then this one Josh took about a week or so ago. All four of us decided to play paper football on the kitchen table after dinner one night, but then somehow I ended up with both girls in my arms. SK was turned and not looking at the camera, but I just adored the laughter on Caroline's face, so I cropped it. It's definitely another one of my favorites!


Melanie said...

These photos are gorgoues, I love Caroline's laugh too. That would look great scrapped wiht the quote "A laugh is a smile that burst" or something like that.

Ariza said...

Keep up the good work.