Monday, June 30, 2008

It's going to be one of THOSE kind of days!

Sarah Kate at 9:30 this morning.

Later I found the marker, and the tip had been chewed off! Yuck!
Makes me wonder why I didn't get the Crayola Wonder pens--the "magic" ones.
At least it was a washable marker. Thank goodness for that!


Nicole said...

There's something about a marker that kids just can't resist. I have a couple pics of my kids and their bouts with markers LOL

Michelle Lanning said...

Hehe - I have one of these pics -- don't ya love them? Hehehe

Morgan said...

Oh my! This is exactly why I have supervised crayon only coloring!! For another year or two at least! Too cute!

Jenni said...

hahahaha....I promise you I'm laughing WITH you Deanna!!! I can SOOO totally relate to this picture! Kids...gotta love em!

Jen said...

Been there. Experienced that. You almost don't know if you want to get upset or laugh? Guess she just wanted to be creative like her momma,

Melanie said...

Oh no... lol

Can't wait to see this scrapped. Lol