Tuesday, June 17, 2008

some new pictures for ya!

Well, we've been busy. Busier than usual it seems. We've been doing the ballpark thing, and the pool thing too. Caroline LOVES to swim, and Sarah Kate is turning out to be just as much of a little fish as her big sister is. Both of them LOVE the pool and only want to get out when it's time for a "snack" meaning lunch. We do the ballpark each Tuesday and the pool on Thursdays, and I'm trying to set up a schedule for the other days of the week too. With gas prices so high, we've been hanging out at the house as much as possible, but I think we're getting cabin fever too if that's possible in the middle of the summer. But anyway, enough ramblings. Here are some pictures I've taken recently. They're fun, and I already have LO ideas running through my head (in case you doubted my addiction! hehe!)

This is Caroline and her Elmo purse. She stuffed it full of Goldfish "crackas" to go to the ballpark last night. (Thank you again, Aunt Sarah! Caroline loves it!)

I was so pumped when I got this shot of Josh hitting last night. Check out that perfect form! Looks like I was a milli-second late from when he actually contacted the ball (it's yellow). Although his first question was, "Was that one my hit or when I grounded out?" I don't know! I'm just snapping pictures!

My big girl learning how to swim!

And my little one loves it too! She just didn't understand the concept of a float, and just laying on it. Of course she wanted to crawl all over it!

And of course I have to throw in something "scrappy" to this post. This is the July kit at Simply Obssessed, and the reason I took so many pictures of Josh playing ball last night! It's definitely on the more masculine side, but I can't WAIT to play with it! I've got some "men" photos just waiting to be scrapped!


twinsand2boys said...

Looks like a great kit! Cant wait to see how you use it!

Jennifer said...

those papers are going to work great with the ball pics! Love the pics of your little girls, too cute!!

Michelle Lanning said...

you know the kit and those pictures will be awesome --- the girls look beautiful!

Jenni said...

Loving these summer pics! So cute!!!

Erika said...

Love the elmo purse!!!!!

Ronda S. said...

Hey Deanna! I can do one for ya! (blog header) Let me know what you want!!

Melanie said...

Gorgeous photos Deanna, that action shot is great. You can see the ball and make it out.

Can't wait to see these scrapped.