Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend update

Well, we really didn't do too much this weekend. It's nice to have days like that though. Yesterday we ran to Lowes and I picked out a paint color for my little scrap space. But then when I brought it home I realized that I'd have to clear out all my stuff, fill the holes left from the attempts at hanging the shelves, and scrape the ceiling,I gave up on that idea because I just wanted to scrap. Instead I moved my stuff to the coffee table. hehe! And I've been very productive too! 4 movies and 4 LOs! Sounds good to me! :) I hoping to get a little more time in tonight. Kinda feel like I'm on a roll, kwim?

Since the Event, I've been more cognizant of taking pictures during the week, and this weeke I got a few shots I really love!

Watering the garden

sidewalk chalkin' it up

someone was ready to get out of the pool granddad made us this awesome window seat, and when Caroline knows someone's coming over she'll wait for them.

You know, I've noticed that at this stage in our life all my pictures of Caroline are action shots or "doing" something (when I can catch her in the frame). Sarah Kate on the other hand is always sitting pretty, smiling, or in this case showing us her mad face. Must be the phase were in.

will post more layouts soon. :)


Morgan said...

Caroline looks absolutely precious sitting in the window! I've noticed all of Ari's pictures are action shots lately. Michelle says it's a good thing I like the photos of him not looking at me because that's all we get! SK's little face is so cute, I can't wait to see that layout!!!

Beth said...

I love that B&W pic! That will make a great LO!

Nicole said...

That B&W pic is beautiful, I can't wait to see you scrap it!

Kasi said...

What cute pics! Your girls are so cute!

Melanie said...

I hear you on the "always on the move" shots. Ive resorted to holding Lillee's hand while photographing her just to get the photo. Lol

Beautiful photo even Sarah Kate's mad face.

Brandy said...

Get your kids to ask you to take pics -- Dylan asks me to take pics of him with his toys all the time now (Mama, find camera...Lightning McQueen!) and it is increasing my dailies!! Love these though, I dig the chalk one!

twinsand2boys said...

You take great photos!

ellen said...

those pics are so fun! oh and that bl&wh one is gorgeous. you take awesome pics.