Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random thoughts

I really don't have that much to say. I've been blog hopping again, and have gained some really neat insights, some are touching, others thought-provoking, and then there's one that I have to brace myself before I read. Here's what I'm talking about. I hope that they don't mind me linking their blogs here.

The first of these is Virginia's post today. First of all, of course I love her LO, but then I absolutely love and admire the honesty in her journaling. And that she can and has left that legacy for future generations by scrapping her thoughts, feelings, and most of all her desire to persue God and be pursued. So touching!

The second is Karen Russell's blog entry today (entitled 10 reasons). I always marvel at her photography, and wish she'd give me private lessons (for free :D ). But I really loved her list of 10. Very thought-provoking, and most definitely the reason(s) I scrap. Life's goes too quickly, and I want to perserve it all, not only so that I can look back but also so that I know that I'm capturing the moments--the little things that make life truly what it is. "Because she's two...because I don't want to look back with regret....because he needs the best of me...." love Karen's thoughts. She hit it dead on.

The third blog is one that I brace myself before I read, preparing myself (and allowing myself) to be ready to cry, to feel the pain that I try to suppress, but also to be blessed, and to be spoken to. It's Angie Smith's blog. She's not a scrapper, but an incredible believer and champion of the faith. She seems to be able put into words what my poor struggling heart can only groan and cry out, mumble at the most. She knows the pain of losing a child. She knows the pain of continuing to carry to term, and she knows the hope, healing, and mercy, and the graciousness of our Lord. I have a love/hate relationship with her blog, because it digs up the pain, grief, and hurt that I try so badly try to hide. But I also love it because someone else knows that same pain, is dealing with it, working through it, and is still seeking Christ for His healing.

So these are my random thoughts for today. 3 different blogs, 3 different inspirations sort of wrapped around the same theme--wanting to capture the little moments of life and stuff them in the Mason jars of our memory so that we can look back and experience them all again, and not forget. (Thus the name of my blog: Enjoy the Season. "For everything there is a season" Eccl. 3) It's in the every day where we're allowed to see God's goodness, His faithfulness, and His presence in the even in the pain. It is Christ who allows us such blessings, and consequently the pains, but in every way and in everyday drawing us closer and closer to Himself, seeking out each one of us for His own. That's why I scrapbook. I want to see God's hand in my life, celebrate the joys He gives me and allows me to be a part of, and to pass it on down through the generations. Pages that one day may be faded, ripped, eroded (because I don't use all acid-free stuff :)), but it's the message I want to pass on, the legacy of seeing God walk in the midst of our lives from the days where we eat Cheerios off the floor, the friendships we adore, the days were allowed to bask in the laughter of family, to the hurts of losing a child and the shattering effects it can have. But also how God heals the wounds and picks up the pieces. It's in the everyday that He's there, and it's the everyday that I want to capture. My little Ebenezers (or altars testify to His presence), Christ's legacy, passing down from one generation to the next.

Wow! That was deep. Deeper than I meant to get. But it's what's on my heart. I promise to be a more light-hearted soon. Guess I had more to say than I thought. hehe!


Lucy Edson said...

Great post! I love how you have combined your faith with the reason you scrapbook. The blogs you mentioned are great! I see you like Color Story Challenge, too!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Virginia said...

I know this sounds weirdo, but your post honestly gave me chills. I love your honesty too, friend.

Love you girl, and thanks for sharing your heart.

Tab said...

Don't be lighthearted to make others feel good... It's YOUR Blog and you are AUTHENTIC!!! Happy, sad, tired, or somewhere stuck in the middle of it all...It is refreshing, and you are an incredible blessing! Love you, friend!

Melanie said...

I seen a link to Angie's blog on another friend of mine's blog and I cried as I read it.

I haven't lost a child but we do struggle with infertility and the pain of not knowing will always be there.

thank you for posting this today as i too am going through a dark patch this week.