Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more layouts

Well, I haven't really been up to a whole lot this week, but this past weekend I really got to scrapping. I stayed up Friday night until 2:30 in the morning watching movies and scrapping. I ended up watching 3 movies that night, and got 3 LOs done. Saturday night I was feeling the effects of the night before so I only watched one movie, and but got another LO done. Here's what I did (I may go back and edit a couple. I can tell it was getting late, and I was tired.)

"Paint with Rocks"

I did this one with a Becky Fleck sketch. LOVE the way it turned out!

"So very proud of herself"

I tried making ribbon hearts, and I like the pink ones, but I may go back and change the b/w ones. I see a giant HS flower going on the left side.


I had a blast making this one! I love shabby LOs! Although at the last minute I found a pink MME Bohemia piece of paper that I may mount it on. It blends in too much with my carpet! LOL! (and thanks V, for assisting in the photo editing dept. ;) :D )

Here's the title a little closer. I inked the paper, then used a Cosmo rub-on, then lightly inked it again.

"Sweet Pea"

I love these pictures of Sarah Kate, but when Josh saw this LO his first comment was, "Hey she's got a twin!" Yeah. And he didn't mean anything by it, but still. I can't look at it and not imagine my little Claire sitting beside her sister. So these will probably be made into 2 diff. LOs, not because it needs it but because I can't look at it and not tear up.

And that's about it. Sorry to depress everyone. Didn't mean to end on such a sad note, but that's life sometimes too. Hope everyone's doing well! Happy "hump" day!


elizbailey said...

I love the sweet softness of the "Darling" page! Great layouts!

Nicole said...

Those layouts turned out beautiful! Love the Shabby chic one too!!

Nicole said...
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Gretchen said...

dang girl, you're making me sad!
but i love the layouts. love that you scrapbook. and that makes me happy again!

Morgan said...

Such pretty layout, all of them!!

Greta Adams said...

ur scrappin is awesome girl!!

Greta Adams said...

ur scrappin is awesome girl!!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful LOs!!

Melanie said...

Gorgeous layouts sweetie, Im loving the shabby chic look at the moment too.

Sarah Kate is beautiful.

Virginia said...

I love all those layouts so much, esp. that last one...

as soon as I read that comment about the twins my heart dropped. Big hugs, girl. That is a heart wrencher... it's hard to actually "see" that, so I know what you mean.

3QTGUYS said...

I love the layouts.

Yes, I know the thoughts. It is sweet, and nothing mean meant at all, I am sure.

But, yes, that's the hard part about it. Just thinking it. And, seeing it.

Chin up, sista!