Tuesday, November 18, 2008

7 years!

7 years ago today, my darling husband and I said "I do."
And without getting too sappy, or mushy on my blog, I thought I'd do a quick look back at the last 7 years in photos. (Totally stealing the idea from Jenni.)

2001--our wedding day

2002 Thanksgiving at the lake
(nice overalls!)

2003 Our Christmas card picture

2004 with our new puppy Bentley

2005 pregnant with Caroline and Meg's matron-of-honor

2006--at the beach with baby C (and SK on the way)

2007--on the farm

2008--at the beach (one of my favorites ever)

A couple of things I've noticed:
1. We don't take pictures by ourselves anymore
2. I REALLY need a new 'do'.
3. Even though our family has changed and grown, I love this man so much more now than in that first picture when I thought I loved him as much as I possibly could. We've been through a lot. That's no secret. But those trials have brought us closer together, and more reliant on our Lord that we ever were or would've been. I LOVE you Josh!


3QTGUYS said...

Oh, you are too cute!

Happy Day to ya!

Jenni said...

oh, Happy Anniversary Deanna!!! Thanks for your comments on my blog...don't worry,. I'm not deserting SO...I have been traveling a lot lately, and just super busy...I haven't been online much at all! I'll stop by and say hi..no worries! thanks for remembering me!

AbbieTorroll said...

awww you guys are so cute!! COngrats!

Ronda Simpson said...

Happy Anniversary Deanna!!
I loved looking at the photos!!
Ya'll are just too cute!

Virginia said...

Ok, no fair that you look exactly the same beautimous you for that many years! :)

And you look absolutely GLOWING in the pic where you are pregnant with C. I am also amazed about how much C looked like SK as a baby! Crazy!

Happy happy day to you, friend!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

Shan Herren said...

Wishing you many more happy anniversaries! Love the pics!

Greta Adams said...

happy anniversary girly...i love that you have pics for all the years...great idea..maybe i will follow suit for my anniversary...

a new do huh...why don't you chop on it and put some fun funky color in it >:)

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary!!! And I totally agree about the lack of photos. lol I have to work hard to make sure at events and holidays that someone takes a photo of just us.

Gretchen said...


Anonymous said...

Looove this.
You guys look fabulous together, and you make such a gorgeous family.


alohatammi said...

What a sweet picture essay. You all look so loving and are such a beautiful family. Happy Anniversary!


Sarah said...

I hope you guys had a great day! I hope ya'll have fun in Oxford...we'll be jealous and wishing we could be there with you!