Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kids Can Scrap too!

Look what my "students" did! Right now I'm teaching giving "scrap lessons" to Tab's daughters Holly and Anna. Last night we had our second lesson and so far we've covered these different topics:
1. the diffence in cardstocks (textured and non)
2. scale and pattern
3. the different types of patterns
4. how to combine patterns
5. the visual triangle
6. odd numbers of embellishments
7. how to interpret a sketch (we call it a "map too)

I've been sooo excited to "teach" them! Not only are they wonderful students, they soak it all up like little sponges, but I LOVE sharing my passion (ahem--addiction) with them! It doesn't hurt that they have a whiteboard either. I totally flashback to being a real teacher, and I love it!

The 2nd part of last night's lesson was to complete the challenge for the new blog KidsCanScrap. The other pages they've completed in "class" have been with sketches, but for this one I just told them the challenge--All About Me--and said go. I hoped that they would incorporate some of the things we'd talked about, but really other than helping with a torn rub-on, they did these all by themselves! They pulled their papers, they decided on the photo arrangement, title, embellishments, and handwrote their journaling. Their prompt for journaling was to write as though they were going to introduce themselves to a new friend. So without further ado, here are their pages!

Holly--age 11

Anna--age 12

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Nessa said...

Holly and Anna! You did great on these layouts! How awesome that you have a friend to teach you about scrapbooking. You can certainly see that you have been listening to all that she's been telling you! Thanks for participating and keep up the good work!
~Nessa's Mom~