Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some vintage/heritage for ya!

Hey there everybody! Hope everyone's doing great today, I know I am. (The kids are finally napping! hehe!) The weather's great outside, so the girls and I were finally able to play a bit in the backyard. Now if only Caroline would learn how to STEER her Barbie Jeep, then we'd be in business! LOL!

I was also able to pick up lots of goodies at Ms for $1 each today and that just made my day! I got stocking stuffers for the girls and their youngest cousin Gracie. I bought a wooden frame so that I can make a little something for a friend. (She and her girls faithfully read my blog, so I can say what it's going to be. ;) ) And I also saw where Ms is having a 40% off sale on all things storage related. SOOO I may go back this weekend and grab the Making Memories embellishment shelving they've got on sale! My scraproom *needs* it badly! It needs ANY kind of organization badly!

I also wanted to share another LO using Camille's Nov. Cream 'n Sugar kit from Crop Suey. For some reason, I got all nostalgic on for one. I had some photos of my grandparents sitting around and I was inspired to do something with the vintage postcards that came in the kit. (Noel sparked some inspiration with her LO challenge for their Harvest the Crop entitled "Remember".) So I put 2 and 2 and 2 together (heritage photos, vintage postcards, and "remember" prompt), and this is what I got. A LO that shows my grandparents through the years.

"Remember the Good Times"

I really like the way it turned out, though the style is a bit out of the norm for me. But I may also love it because I love my grandparents so much! They've both had a special influence on my life. Not to mention that in the center photo Grandad is holding a wooden Cypress Garden ski, that MANY years later, I learned how to waterski on. (And he still has it in the boat now!) Just something that gives me warm fuzzies as I look back on them in the early years. Her anniversary card to us this past week said she hoped we had 60 good years together the way the 2 of them have. I hope and pray that we can sustain a marriage like theirs for half that long if not more.

Okay, enough sap. I could go on and on about my grandparents. They're special people. Of course I think that, but all my friends who've met them think that too! (They still exchange Christmas cards with my BF from high school! hehe!)

Hope you're having a great day! I'll post tomorrow about a a new deal I stumbled upon! ;)


Virginia said...

I absolutely love this style and the design is STUNNING! This is so cool- and I am totally lifting this. Please tell me you are submitting it! Gorgeous!

Jenni said...

Love the texture on that LO Deanna! Super cute!

AbbieTorroll said...

That page is so pretty!! Love it! Can't wait to hear what your "good deal" is!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layout,

And it looks like you're a girl after my own heart.... a bargain shopper.
Aren't great deals invigorating?