Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by both Jana and Morgan. Both tags are to share 7 random, some odd or weird, facts about you, so I'm going to attempt. Here goes.

1. I've only been online (as far as scrapping is concerned) for one year.
2. This month is also my blog anniversary (1 yr.), our wedding anniversary (7 yrs.), and my official scrapping anniversary (7 yrs.). I taped photos in magnetic albums in high school, and I'm not counting those. (But they're still in Sarah Kate's room. oops!)
3. Scrap tendencies (or weird pet peeves): I rarely scrap a LO that doesn't include a visual triangle. When I place buttons on the page, their holes can't be vertical OR horizontal, but always at an angle.
4. Until I had my girls, I'd never been put in the hospital, gone to the ER, had stitches, a broken bone or surgery. I still haven't had a broken bone that's been officially diagnosed. (I could've sworn I broke my finger playing softball, but Dad told me to keep playing! LOL!) I've still haven't gone to the ER for me...let's hope it stays that way. I did take SK when she was 6 days old and newly released from the NICU. That was THE SCARIEST night of my life thus far.

okay with all that useless info, that should count as #4 AND #5. hehe!

So 6. I call my grandparents every Saturday. Well, this week it was Friday, but still. Their marriage is the one I look up to and admire the most. They've been married for 60 years, and despite all their faults and old person crankiness, they adore each other. It's so neat to watch! You can see their story (and the LO I did to document it) HERE. I also just scrapped more of their heritage photos that I'll post soon. ;)

7. I'm eagerly anticipating our annual trip to Oxford, MS to watch the Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State football game. We'll meet up with friends, eat some amazing Southern comfort food, watch what will hopefully be a Rebel victory, and wander around the quaint little town and campus reliving fun college memories! I can't wait!

Okay, so now to tag some people....hmm, let's 'bout these girlies:

5.Elizabeth Bailey

And because I don't like to post without a pic, here's one that makes me laugh everytime I see it! Thanks Holly for taking another priceless pic of Caroline!

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AbbieTorroll said...

ha that picture is too funny! you and your buttons crack me up! ha, now I am going to be self concious about my buttons around you. LOL