Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Winter Weather and more!

But not winter weather in the traditional sense. I just got my 1st ever kit from Noel Mignon, and let me just tell ya, it's FABULOUS! Or in our house it's more commonly said, "Fabuloso". Thanks Dora! note the sarcasm ;) But Noel's "Winter Weather" kit is seriously dee-vine; it's so packed with goodies! So what'd I do? I pulled it all out and got started right away! And after an hour or two, here's what I'd created. Notice all the vintage goodies---loooove that!

1st Christmas

I did this one for Noel's challenge blog, which right now is to "lift" the layout by Anne-Marie Teo. Now that is NOT my style of scrapping, but I love her work, and I loved the challenge so I had to atleast try!

Here are some close-ups of the LO:


In other news and fun, yesterday I was playing online when the next thing I knew both of the girls had crawled up in my lap. I guess I'd just uploaded some photos, because my camera was right in front of me and so I decided to try and get a self-portrait of the 3 of us. Both of them cooperated for the most part, and I'm so happy that I now have pictures of ME with the girls!

Aren't we silly?! I Love it! :D


Last thing and then I'll call it a night---about the post about Swagbucks. I just realized that if you use certain online stores (the bestest being Walmart), then you earn $1 in swagbucks for every $5 you spend at the given online store. How cool is that! I think I may just have to buy my camera (which Josh bought me for our anniversary to my total and utter surprise! But I'll save that story for a different post) now at Walmart! But I think you have to go to Walmart through the Swagbucks site in order to get credit. Okay, enough about that! Sorry for pimpin' it on my blog...but I did double my swagbucks points today thanks to you guys! ;)

Hope you have a great start to your weekend!


Anne-Marie said...

I think you did an awesome lift, girl! I love the colors on your layout too, sooo sweet. :)

Noel said...

The photos of you and the girls are sooo happy and cute!

your lift is fabuloso!!

Brandy said...

cute pic and must check out the swagbucks...