Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend recap

What a fun Thanksgiving weekend! It's always nice to be at the lake, and this weekend was no exception. Here's a quick recap of what we did, followed by a few of my favorite pictures! :D

Thursday: ate turkey, hung out with the fam and extended fam, my little daredevil decided she'd enjoy sliding down the hill which led to Granna getting a box for a "sled" and then little sister wanting in on the's my fave shot:

Friday: Josh and I drove to Oxford for our yearly pilgrammage to Oxford to watch the football game---ah the game! 45-0 was NOT what we were expecting, but so exciting to witness. And dare I say we got a little bored toward the end?!! Of course we stayed to the end--it's my rule--you don't leave early. And since the Rebs had lost the last few times we'd been to watch, it was so fun to celebrate the win!

Saturday: We took the girls to the whooping metropolis known as the Jasper Mall, and sat with Santa. We also celebrated the Bama win, and got a little scrapping done somewhere in between.

Sunday--we celebrated Granddaddy's birthday, which is actually today, then headed home. Happy Birthday 82nd Grandad!

Coming soon: Christmas projects like my December Daily, advent calendar, and more! Yay!

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Jennifer said...

LOVE that action shot! Happy Birthday to your Granddaddy!