Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caffeine and fumes!

If I ever updated my Facebook status, this is what it'd read. "Deanna Misner is running on caffeine and fumes!" LOL! Seriously. I woke up craving a Diet Coke. What's that say about me? about how life is going right now? or about how I stayed up too late last night but had SOOO much fun giggling!

This morning we took the girls to have breakfast with Santa at a local restaurant. It was actually a charity fundraiser for the local radio station, and I'm really glad we went even if I do have bags under my eyes because of it! The girls were too cute! Caroline saw Santa from across the room and started bouncing in her seat. He saw her too, walked over to us, and scooped her up in his arms. She was so in awe! Really. She couldn't talk for smiling and stroking his beard. She finally told him she wanted a Barbie, which is news to me, but hey at least she finally said something to him! LOL! Sarah Kate on the other hand was scared to death. Although she didn't cry, she did wimper and sit frozen in her high chair, afraid to move.

Here are some pictures:

Couldn't forget the yummy breakfast either!

And here's a LO I just finished up. It's for Noel's new challenge to use the word 'believe' in your title. This LO just kinda went there even though I didn't start out with the intention of doing it for the challenge. This is me and Josh at a Christmas party last weekend.

"I believe in us"

And a close-up

The journaling reads, "After all is said and done I believe in US! I believe God brought us together for a reason and a purpose. And I believe that after all we've been through, our faith has kept us together. Despite the many trials we've had to overcome, at the end of the day I believe our love is tried, tested, and TRUE!"

Now I gotta go wrap some presents and finish making gifts!
Hope you're having a Happy Holiday!


Noel said...

Ahhh, your LO turned out great!! love the journaling! And what fun photos of the girls. :) Thanks for chatiing it up with us last night, what a blast! Have a great weekend.

3QTGUYS said...

Your layout is beautiful!

And, living on fumes.......I feel ya, sista!

Jennifer said...

Oh Deanna! Those pics of your girls with Santa are precious...the looks on their faces says it all! Natalie still won't say a word to him! LOL...What a fantastic LO, too!!!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Looks like a fun morning, and I Love the layout!

Michelle Lanning said...

gorgeous layout Deanna - love the pic of your girls!

Virginia said...

I LOVE that layout, and what a beautiful sentiment!

Even if you are living on fumes & caffeine, I love that we got to "hang out" at the crop! :) Can't wait for life to get back normal so we can chat again!