Friday, December 19, 2008

Taking a break to share

Well, I think yesterday and today have been my 2 busiest days thus far in the holiday season! Thank goodness tomorrow's the weekend and Josh will be home! :D Here's a quick recap for ya (and for my Dec. daily *blushing*):

Wednesday night: Caroline and I dipped and sprinkled more pretzels. 140 to be exact. This is the closest we've come to "cooking" or "baking" this holiday. I thought I'd start out slow and see how it went! Overall, she did great! She decided to combine the red and green sprinkles in the lid of the sprinkle container to be more efficient. Maybe she'll be my little organizer one day. The Lord knows I definitely need one! Maybe she's it! ;)

Thursday was a whirlwind of activity. Besides doing my usual Thurs. post at Crop Suey, I baked 4 dozen cookies for the volleyball party and them ready to go at 10am. Everyone was dressed, and completely ready, and in the car by 10:15 which is HUGE for us! Especially since I was standing outside when the grocery store opened at 9am. One of these days I'll quit being a procrastinator! You'd think I'd learn! Anyway, the volleyball party was a huge success. Those girls are just so wonderful, and I'll miss the 8th graders dearly! They even pitched in and bought me a GC to Hobby Lobby and McAlisters! Do my girls know me or what?! That was soooo sweet of them to do. After the party, it was home for some card making---I didn't plan very well, and didn't buy enough Christmas cards, so I was making them out of necessity not just for fun. Here's what I came away with. And yes, it took me like 3 hours to do these! I just struggle with cards!

Friday: Today is my MIL's b'day. They'll be here in about 2.5 hours, so I really need to hurry with this post. So far today we've been to the PO twice, because the first time their CC machine was down and I didn't have cash. We also picked up pictures to go into a photo bracelet we're giving her, but then of course now I can't find the bracelet! Grrrrrr! Hopefully I'll find it soon. Because here I sit filling you in, and keeping my Dec. daily journaling complete, when I really need to be searching for it! LOL! But I just mopped the kitchen and the floor's still wet. haha! Excuses, excuses...hehehe. Well hopefully my saving grace tonight will be the crop over at Noel Mignon! After 2 looong days of cooking, cleaning, running around, and doing the party thing, I think I owe it to myself to get a little scrapping done, right? Hopefully, you'll join us there too! ;)

And jsut for good measure, here's SK with Daddy's hat on!

Okay, off to clean and search the house! ;)

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Diana said...

Your cards are beautiful! Whew you sound really busy, glad it's calming down for you. It's great that you are keeping up with your December daily - wish I could say the same! Good luck finding the bracelet!