Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just a quick post from the beach. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is enjoying what's left of Christmas/Winter break. It's a family tradition of ours to go to the beach the week after Christmas to the point that I remember turning 13 at the beach, because at the time there was a sign that read, "All children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult" and being 13 meant I didn't have to be with my parents in the hot tub anymore! LOL! Funny what you remember about birthdays. Anyway, while we're here on this particular trip, I'll be turning 30. Yikes! I don't FEEL thirty, but I guess that's what I'll be. And I have a sneaky suspicion that Josh has something planned, but so far everyone's been tight-lipped, so we'll see. There's only been one maybe 2 slip ups, which is what gives me a "feeling". Whatever the case, I love being at the beach. Typing while listening to the surf, and hearing the shrieks of the kids playing in the water. Here's a few pictures my stepsis took yesterday, and I'm about to head out and take more today.

And in case I don't blog again this year, Happy New Year!!! I'll try to return with my LOs from this January's Color Me Daisy kit, but I don't know if I'll be able to post from other people's computers. We'll see.


Mara... said...

Happy Birthday Deanna!!! Turning 30 isn't that bad, LOL! Looks like you are having a great beach vacation. Hope you had a great holiday with your family!!!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to you!!! Hope you have a great day and enjoy yourself!
Love you,

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

AbbieTorroll said...

How fun! happy birthday girl! Hope you have fun at the beach!