Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lots to share!

First item of business, I'm having a blast over at the Dr. Seuss Celebration crop at Color Me Daisy!! Here's what the most recent thread told me about myself:

That pretty much sums me up, don'tcha think? At least the so much to do part...
And this is my example for one of the challenges over there. It's my last LO using the March CMD kit:

"Growin' like a weed"

It wasn't until I uploaded this photo of Sarah Kate that I realized just how big she's getting! She looks so old to me in this picture! Ahhh...growing up. Guess I'd better just embrace it, huh?

On a completely different note, I was tagged by the wonderful Gretchen. She's the one I blame my addiction on for the past 7 years. Yes, it was Sarah that took me to the Creative Memories party, but it was Gretchen who told me about the online side of scrapping. She also introduced me to Scrap Etc., and took me to my first ever Scrap Etc. Event (which there's still room if anyone wants to go! There's even a raffle to go for only $10!!!). So yes, Gretchen's to blame! Good thing she's from Josh's side of the family so he can only blame HIS family and not mine! hahaha!

Anyway, back to the point...Gretchen tagged me in a photo tag, the 6th picture in the 6th folder on your computer. And I'm also supposed to tag 6 more people to pass it along. Here's the picture:

One of my all-time favorite photos of Caroline. She was playing near the woods because she'd finished her lunch during one of our "daddy dates" (picnics) this summer. This shot totally captures her personality right down to the stick in her hand! And for all of you who think I'm "caught up" in my scrapping or that I scrap every picture, I don't. This one's a favorite, and it's not scrapped...yet. It's stuck somewhere in my Summer 2008 envelope.

And with that I tag Tab, Crystal, Kristii, Victoria, Gina,and Ellen


Gretchen said...

i accept no responsibility.
cute picture.

Gina said...

Oops, just saw this! That pic is too cute. I'll post my 6th later today. ;)